Read, watch, listen and play your way to writing better interactive stories for learning

At a recent webinar on game writing techniques for learning some attendees asked me for recommended books. Well, this list has some books, but in my world even more comes from interesting talks, blogs and playing inspiring games.


Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling
Emily is the absolute authority on interactive fiction and game storytelling. She done has deep research on conversation design and flow, review of writing in all types of games, and is an award-winning game writer and designer of interactive storytelling tools.
Indispensable reading – and, play her games too.

Short Sims by Clark Aldrich (2020)
A highly practical approach to creating short, to the point scenario-based learning or “sims” with lots of playable examples.

Experiencing elearning – website of Christy Tucker
Christy is a solid inspiration and guide for all thing scenario-based elearning. Her blog posts are very practical and useful for beginners and more advanced users.

Instructional Story Design by Rance Greene
A more general approach to designing stories for elearning, with helpful templates etc for the beginning story writer.


Jon Ingold – Writing sparking dialogue
A true master class in writing for interactive media. Subtext, choices, dialogue, writing models. Worth watching over and over.

Alexander Swords – The Forest paths Method
To watch and read! Alexander has design a highly accessible framework/method to build stories for games. He introduces the concepts in this video, but also wrote an amazingly practical book about it.


Writing life podcast
Weekly podcast with interviews with writers of all genres, including interactive. Search you way through and find the best on chacraters, plot, and the unmissable interview with Jon Ingold.


80 days by Inkle Studios
Beautifully written and such a joy to play again and again.
Available on IOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.
Actually, any game from these people is highly recommended.

80 days

Another Lost Phone by Laura Ingram
You find a phone, and by discovering text messages, social media, emails etc. you slowly find out more about the owner’s life. Mostly text-based, puzzly, and with a strong story. Available for phone and PC.

Night in the Woods
An adventure game focused on exploration, story, and an amazing depth of characters.