February 2020, iDesignX Sydney (AUS)


  • October 2019: Ministry of Primary Industries internal L&D conference. Presentation on Action mapping.
  • September 2019: New Zealand Game Development Conference 2019.
    Half day Workshop: Designing a learning game. (Together with Richard Durham)
  • May 2019: Low cost tools to develop digital learning: Storytelling Tools.
    NZATD webinar about Ink and Twine
  • December 2018; NZATD Auckland Christmas event
    Writing interactive stories for learning, 2 hour workshop.
  • May 2018: NZATD National Conference (Auckland)
    Finding the plot – engaging learners with interactive story games
  • September 2017: New Zealand Game Development Conference 2017.
    Modeling games for learning with action mapping (together with Richard Durham)
  • May 2017 IMoot (International online Moodle conference)
    Storytelling and branched scenarios in Moodle
  • May 2016: NZATD National Conference (Auckland)
    A blended learning approach to Acute Care Training (ACT)
    Together with Sonya English (Waitemata DHB)
  • September 2015 NZATD Webinar
    Action mapping for rapid elearning development
  • February 2015: IDESIGNX (Melbourne, Australia)
    Action mapping for rapid elearning development (with Perrin Rowland)
  • May 2014: IMoot (International online Moodle conference)
    Lessons learned from implementing institutional Moodle Standards and Templates.
    Together with Tabitha Roder and Miriam Laidlaw.