About Information Mapping®

The method

Information Mapping® is a method for the structured and modular drafting of technical and business documents. The method is based on research carried out in diverse fields including cognitive psychology, instructional design and learning theories. It is focused on the reader-user experience of information.

What it offers

Information Mapping® offers the tools to analyse, organize and present information in a clear, coherent and defined way. It provide writers with a unique and systematic approach to the construction of texts that are:

  • highly readable
  • understandable
  • reusable, and
  • easy to maintain

Where can the method be applied?

Information Mapping® is a cross-cutting method as it concentrates on how to rethink content. Therefore it can be applied to all business documents and publications including:

  • company procedures such as SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • user and installation manuals
  • safety regulations and policies
  • sales proposals
  • online help guides
  • website content
  • video tutorials
  • elearning courses and presentations


We offer public training sessions for New Zealand and Australia.
You will be trained in the methodology and get personal feedback on created documents.
Upcoming dates and registration here

For company specific training of your team, please contact us on miranda@learningworlddesign.co.nz