I run learning design workshops for diverse groups or a group from one organisation. The workshops are designed to give instructional designers, trainers, HR, L&D people and lots of other employees a fresh thinking strategy to solve problems and come up with creative solutions in learning.

Training needs analysis

Learn how to look at a training problem inside out. Cast aside all ideas of content and get to the bottom of the behaviour changes you want to achieve in your organisation. Together we search for measurable goals, and the skills people need to achieve those. We use Cathy Moore’s action mapping model.

Length: 4 hours.
Option to extend this to full day where attendants can apply the new skills to their own current projects, guided by the facilitator.


Scenario-design for learning

People learn better with stories. Learn how to write compelling scenarios and learning stories that engage your learners, feel real and teach them through their own experience. Challenge your learners with meaningful decision making situations, make them laugh, make them feel concerned for the characters in your learning stories. And have fun writing the stories and seeing them work.
This workshop is useful for both online and face-to-face learning design. 

Length: 4 hours.
Optional to extend this to full day where attendants can apply the new skills to their own current projects, guided by the facilitator.


Gameful  learning design

Thinking like a game designer will help you approach a learning design with different eyes. Creating a game idea and mechanics around a well-written learning objectives in small groups will teach you how to work collaboratively and iteratively on innovative learning design ideas. Game thinking will open a world of new possibilities, even if your goals is not to make a game.
A fun an eye-opening workshop for instructional designers, trainers and anyone else involved in teaching and learning.

Length: 4 hours.
Shorter e.g. lunch version of 2 hours can be accommodated.



Designing engaging courses with Moodle/Totara

I am very experienced in creating online learning in the Moodle/Totara LMS and have presented regularly at iMoot. I like to teach people how to use Moodle efficiently, and how to crate interesting tasks for learners on the system.

  • Basic course design and development in Moodle
    Learn how to use the basic functionalities in Moodle the create an easy to navigate learning experience. Use resources like files, pages, labels and links to their greatest advantage. Integrate some collaborative elements to leverage Moodle’s constructivist approach.
  • Moodle for teaching and collaborative tasks
    Discover how Moodle is your friend when you want to give your learners engaging collaborative tasks, or do group and individual activities in the classroom. Learn how to use choice, feedback, forum, lessons and other activities in core Moodle/Totara to create an engaging learner experience.

Designing e-learning modules with Articulate Storyline

The Articulate Storyline software is a low entry option to create great interactive e-learning modules. Learning the basics will allow you to create engaging online materials. Advanced users can dive into variables and complicated triggers to create the most complicated interactions.

I offer the following options:

  • Articulate Storyline Basic
    Get started with Articulate Storyline. Learn how to use master slides and basic layers, triggers and object states to create interactivity. Create nice looking quiz questions for your learners with the range of built-in options.
  • Articulate Storyline Advanced
    Dive into the world of variables, trigger combinations, branching scenarios and animations to create amazing online learning modules. Learn how to create small games and how to adapt built-in options to your exact needs.