How to run an action mapping meeting

Anyone who has run SME meetings using Cathy Moore's action mapping model or plans to to so after reading her blog, will have discovered that it is the clearest of models, but not as easy to implement as it seems. It requires some experience and techniques to guide your SME team to the core of what their training needs are. What do they want to see happen [...]

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Introduction to barcodes – GS1

E-learning course and 10-minute walkthrough for manufacturers needing barcodes (2008). Course created for GS1 New Zealand, and reused by other national GS1 units (UK, [...]

U&I Learning (2002 – 2006)

During the years at U&I Learning I worked together with the great team at VDAB, one of the largest work-related education providers in Belgium to create a number of [...]