Constructing complex scenarios from learning objectives

Scenario- and story based courses are a powerful medium to immerse learners in situations where they can practice their skills. Writing engaging stories, with learner choices that encompass everything that you want the learner to experience is not an easy job. So how do you make sure your scenario situations are realistic, the choices are nottoo obvious AND [...]

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Work @ Kineo Pacific (2011 – 2013)

From sept 2011 - 2013 was employed as a Senior Instructional Designer at market leading learning solutions company Kineo Pacific. As I am of course bound by confidentiality [...]

Introduction to barcodes – GS1

E-learning course and 10-minute walkthrough for manufacturers needing barcodes (2008). Course created for GS1 New Zealand, and reused by other national GS1 units (UK, [...]

U&I Learning (2002 – 2006)

During the years at U&I Learning I worked together with the great team at VDAB, one of the largest work-related education providers in Belgium to create a number of [...]